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Dawn of the Dead (1978)
The Undertaker
Dawn of the Dead (1978) I've seen Dawn more than any other living dead film aside from Fulci's Zombie. This is definitely my favorite American made zombie classic. Hell, might as well say it's among the best of 'em all. Zombie, Gates of Hell, and Burial Ground are all cool because of that cool Italian style, but I feel like Dawn wins won for the home team today. Dawns' modern (well, it was modern) day setting makes it cool and works in a different way than it's Italian buddies. It's horrid, graphic, but also has lots of humor and irony. The social satire is still cool and gives you something to wonder about. Who of us fans hasn't wondered what it would be like to rumble around that mall and what we'd make of a life there? Savini made is mark with this film and has some of the most memorable zombies and gore FX in film ever. The chopper scene, the blood pressure machine, the machete, and tons more all lurk in our brain. If ya got lucky enough to be in Cleveland for the 1st Cinema Wasteland show, then you saw the awesome cast reunion talks. This film is still probably the most widely scene gore film around. Know anyone who hasn't seen this? If so ask them why and what are you waiting for. The soundtrack is awesome as well. There are so many prints of this film, I can't keep up. I've seen the Italian one Argento made into Zombi (cool), a longer, uncut German copy (hate saying longer and uncut in the same sentence, yuck!), the new Anchor Bay re-master (awesome), and a few more. You can't have enough in my opinion. When I was growing up, this was the most popular midnight movie in my area for years after its release. The radio spots and newspaper ads for the theatres were all so awesome. Ahh, the good old days, when it was fun to actually go to a late movie. Romero did his 1st film proud with a sequel that went well beyond the Night. Night is a classic, but Dawns' FX lift it for me above that movie. Simply a must see, must have, and must worship film.

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