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Land of the Dead (2005)
The Undertaker
Land of the Dead (2005) Romero comes back to the genre he started and kicks ass in the 4th Dead film and it's about fucking time! With the Zombie flicks coming to theatres we have had lately and that lame ass Bruiser movie he did a while back, it scared me to go see Land in some ways. Shit, I wanna go see it again now as this movie delivers in every way and really packs a punch in the gore department. Land picks up perfectly where Day left off and it all logically works. Not gonna go into plot details (read the Gravedigger's review for those), but Land of the Dead is pretty much the movie I wanted to see as a 4th and possibly last entry in the series. Honestly, I could see Romero doing a 5th and true final film, maybe bringing us back from the brink of extinction, but if not I'm satisfied. Thankfully this movie stands decapitated head and half-eaten shoulders above what we have seen the last few years. No need to name names or remakes, Land is just much better than what we have had to grow accustom to recently and I'm sure glad that the newer generations can get a small taste of what the earlier films George Romero made were like when they 1st came out. I hate to say this, but give Universal Studios some credit for having the balls to let this thing go and I honestly can't believe this thing got an 'R' rating. Buckets of blood, gore, and just about any kind of carnage you can think of are in here with a pair of tits and some implied oral sex! Don't know how it made it, but I'm damn glad it did. You'll be surprisingly shocked, trust me. The Zombies here are perfect, moving and killing like it should be. The zombie preacher with the head hanging from the spinal cord and whipping it around to bite a soldier has to be one of the coolest zombies ever. The FX really stand out and even old Tom Savini's ass shows up as the classic machete zombie from Dawn. Need I say more? I'm happy that the dead still act 'dead' and it was cool to see the mindless dead begin to evolve into a new thinking engine of doom. The scene in which the horde finally arrives at the city, rising from the river worked very well to me, giving the living final notice that their days are numbered. Don't know what else to say really, this shit rocked! If you love horror, zombies, the DEAD films, George Romero, and gore, then you have to see it on the big screen. I doubt the DVD release can be any more 'unrated', but who knows. It's been a decent year for horror movies so far, Land of the Dead just made it a great fuckin' year. Will this truly be the end? Any a way, I hope not.

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